Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1) - Abbi Glines Well, well, well...I wasn't a big fan of the Too Far series so I was a little unsure what I would think of this one. I enjoyed it, but what I didn't really like about the Too Far series was still here for this one. There is just something that bugged me about Della, the same way it bugged me about Blaire. It's ok though, I like un-believability in my books, it's why I read them in the first place ;) Now Woods...Woods was a dirty mouthed, super hot, bossy, Alpha and I loved him. I loved the strength he found inside of himself and was over the moon that it didn't take months or even weeks for him to find it. I like where the story is going, I believe it will be a love story and not a crazy angst filled drama with no real resolution. I really, really hope the next book is them together getting through what we all can kind of see happening. I would really like more of Woods dirty mouth and maybe not so much of hers :) As always, Abbi aims to please.