Lexi, Baby (This Can't Be Happening, #1) - Lynda LeeAnne Well, that was a short read. I didn't realize. I am giving it 3.5★'s. I handled it MUCH better then I thought I would. I actually thought I would never read this but then it fell in my lap. Well, then it taunted me and I just had to give in. You know, like a train wreck. I HATE CHEATING AND I HATE SECRET BABIES. So, you get the why. Anyway, I gave in and started it. Again, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting and I dig the HEA but I just didn't dig most of it. I believe they belong together, there is no question there, I just...I don't want to spoil anything for anyone I just wasn't buying most of it. Everyone was pretty likable and like I said, the HEA was appreciated. If anything, I just feel good that I didn't feel sick while reading it. Off to Trish's story.