Sapphire Universe (The Universe Series, #1) - Devon Herrera You can't like them all. I saw this floating around my feed and then saw that it was a Freebie on Amazon so I figured, why not? It has some really good reviews and I believe all of them, this just didn't work for me. I did finish it and didn't give up. I thought for sure I would end up loving this book. It started out perfectly and I really liked Nina. I liked how her and Connor met and enjoyed her inner dialogue. Then, I don't know, they got together and I didn't like Nina anymore or her inner dialogue. It was nothing at all like the girl we were introduced to. I knew that she deserved to get over her fears and find happiness but it was just such an abrupt change to who she was for NINE YEARS I found it unbelievable and very out of character. It's really hard to love a book when you don't love the characters. The story had all the things that I like in a romance it just didn't work out for me.