Veil of Night - Linda Howard I did a search on Goodreads for steamy Romantic Suspense. I needed something different. Number one hit for the genre was Linda Howard. Not this book but I had this one so I figured I would give it a shot. This wasn’t Romantic Suspense, this was more a Cozy Mystery. A who-done-it. So, because I won’t classify this as a Romantic Suspense I will start my review by stating this was a cute read. Cute doesn’t fit in a review of a Romantic Suspense but fits perfectly for this book. This was a “cozy” murder mystery surrounding a week of weddings. The main suspect, the wedding planner. I felt that so much of the book was spent describing each wedding in detail, the couple, the colors, the venue and the food. So much of this book was really about the weddings and not so much on the Romance or the Suspense. I did a lot of skimming in this book which is not like me. I just wasn’t that interested in the weddings and wanted the mystery, the romance and the suspense I thought I was reading about. I didn’t hate this book and for a cute little predictable cozy mystery it was perfect, if that was what I had wanted to read. Next Linda Howard read for me will be the number one hit from the list.