The Pagan Stone (Sign of Seven, #3) - Nora Roberts I am writing one review for all three books in the Sign of Seven Trilogy. The other two books can be found here: [b:Blood Brothers|407234|Blood Brothers (Sign of Seven, #1)|Nora Roberts||3355824] and [b:The Hollow|2195309|The Hollow (Sign of Seven, #2)|Nora Roberts||2201046]. I knew the entire time I was reading this trilogy that Nora Roberts was the author but I couldn’t help but be reminded of Stephen King while reading. Of course, this is Nora Roberts so we aren’t going to get the horror that we do from a King book but we did get a similar formula that I love from his books. Small town setting, lifelong friends and of course, the big scary. Each book in the trilogy centers around one of the “brothers”. I use the term centers loosely though, although each book had a main couple as the focus, the couples from the other books were just as much a part of each book as they were their own, so centers is not completely accurate. The books revolve around the main theme of three friends, born on the same day forming a bond of blood brothers and releasing an old evil to their town. From the moment this evil is released they have to fight the evil every seven years. This time though, they will have help in the form of a captivating “sister”, of course, one for each “brother”. Throw in some old town folklore, the famous romance only Nora Roberts can write and you have a great trilogy.