Married by Monday (The Weekday Brides #2) - Catherine Bybee This was a great second installment in this series. This was a bit darker than the first, Eliza’s background was scary and real. The marriage set up was more emotional than the first too. These two people had an instant connection which seems to set the tone of these books, but was not acted upon until years later. They had about two years of history between them. An attraction that they fought in not so nice of a way. They argued. This made me nervous at first, I was not interested in reading a book with a lot of back and forth. Luckily that is not what happened. He stepped in and she pretty much let him. They both had reasons for wanting the marriage so it worked but they also both had feelings so it worked even better. They were a good couple. Good for each other, filling a space that they both needed filled. I liked how they just fit together and you felt like they had always been together. I think one of my favorite things about this series so far is that it isn’t an over the top “I love you” series. We get to see two people actually marry and then fall in love. They have to be a team to make the marriage work and all the while they are building that foundation they are falling in love. Different formula that really seems to work for me. I really am enjoying this series and can’t wait to continue. Looks like we have two more girls to get their man!