Irresistible Desire (The Savannah Series, #1) - Danielle Jamie I liked this. I didn’t love it but I did enjoy it. It has a lot going for it. The way the author told the story of Savannah and Logan was done so well. So well in fact that I was shocked just like Savannah. What happened was believable but because there was so much of a story for the two of them it made you want to say “I can’t believe it”! Keeping the “life crashing down” moment from the beginning was very well done. So, I really liked the first half more than I did the next half. I liked watching Savannah picking up the pieces and I liked that she wanted to get away. I liked her connection to Kayden and of course I loved the heat but then I just didn’t. I feel that the last quarter of the book was just not believable and felt very rushed. I lost whatever connection I was kind of building. Throw in a cliffhanger and I was just kind of like what just happened? I’ll state again though, I liked it and am very curious to see where we go next. I see some real drama in the future.