Damaged 2 - H.M. Ward I am so disappointed! What a major let down! I gave the first book 5★'s and couldn’t wait to get started on this one and I am not sure what happened! This wasn’t even the same Sidney we met in the first book. There were so many little side things being said or done and none of it made sense or was answered. Where was all the sexual tension? They were staying in hotels! What did the freaking turkey have to do with anything? What was with Peter's Mom? What did Jonathan mean when he said "you know mom will never give her blessing after-"? Why did they have to go to Peter's parents house at all? What did Sean have to get? Also, once Sidney got home…Really? That was it? After all that time? I wonder if the author just didn’t feel like writing about Peter and Sidney anymore? Oh, and where was the freaking coffee????? I still want to read The Arrangement series but really am just so disappointed in the conclusion to this story. I saw so much more potential for Peter and Sidney and really, this just fell flat.