Rule (Marked Men, #1) - Jay Crownover TEN BRILLIANT STARS!!!! Well, how about that? I stumbled upon this book while perusing Amazon's top 100 list. No sooner had I found it then of course, others did as well and it started popping up on Goodreads. Reviews were all over the place. The biggest issue seemed to be editing. Meh, I figured that wasn't going to stop me from reading a book that seemed to be my kind of story. I have read books by authors who have editors and still found mistakes so I say whatever to that type of negativity. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE KIND OF STORY!! I forced myself to go to bed last night and have not done anything but devour the rest of this book this morning. I freaking loved this book. I loved Rule. I loved Shaw. I loved their friends. I just freaking can't say enough how much I loved this book and am so glad I took a chance. This is definitely going on my favorite pile and if I ever had time for re-reads this would be one I would read again for sure. I can't wait for more from this author. Go get this book and read this amazing story. You will not regret it for one second. EDIT: I can't believe I forgot to mention the music!!! I loved it!!! Lucero and Social D getting mentioned just blew my mind! I saw them together in concert and this just was beyond cool for me to see them in this book!