Rock Chick (Rock Chick, #1) - Kristen Ashley Re-Read Update: I woke up on Sunday (01/13/13) and finished a book with so much potential but ended up being a pretty bad book. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled through my TBR list and came up wanting EVERY SINGLE TIME! Now, we all know there are way too many books and not enough time but I was just not finding anything. So, my BBG (Best Book Girlfriend) stated in her very quiet voice to pick up a KA book again and I wouldn't be let down. I don't do re-reads. There just isn't the time. Well, I found nothing and got to thinking she was right. So, I dug in. I figured I would read, skim and then pick up a new book. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH A KA BOOK! So, hear I am on Monday (01/14/13) finishing up my re-read of Rock Chick and all I can say aside from all I said above is why can't I give this more stars? Oh, and wait, when is my next KA fix?Great introduction to a new series for me!! LOVEEEEEEEDDDDD IT!!