Pole Dance (Dance, #1) - J.A. Hornbuckle I will start with the obvious. Kristen Ashley is my favorite author. I have devoured everything she has written and stalk her pretty much daily. Everyone is talking about this being a copy. I'm not going to go that far, it is not a copy, you can't copy brilliance. But anyone who has every read a Kristen Ashley book will for sure see the influence. Now, that being said, I have read a lot of books that use the same language that KA does for her alpha men. Who used it first? Who knows, but you read books with alpha men and they use one word for a lot and that is just how it is. So, I will not say this is a copy, I will just say that the author obviously loves KA and was thoroughly influenced by her. I really liked the story, it's one we have seen many times, alpha man with some loot falling for an innocent, pure girl and wanting to save her and can't live without her, but I still enjoyed it. I loved Jake and how he was with Caitlyn. I loved Caitlyn's innocence but not complete innocence, thank GOD as well as her strength . I used to only read Romantic Suspense so the mystery was a little bonus to the hot, hot, hot stuff. So, say what you will, I am glad I read it and will read more in this series. I won't complain about the KA influence because I love KA and well, taking some of her amazingness to influence your writing isn't a bad thing.