Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Man, I don't know how to rate this or what to say. Since I am not a reviewer and didn't make notes I will start with the end. First, based on a lot of reviews people said there was not an epilogue. Yes, there was. There wasn't just an epilogue there were out-takes, missing scenes, deleted scenes, whatever. I loved all of them! Ok, so...I was dying to read this book. It was labeled Twilight fan-fic. Twilight...bring it on. It starts out hot and infuriating. I got it from the get go. If these two could just talk I knew they would conquer the world! It took awhile to get there but once we did I was over the moon. This isn't the best work of art but it is a work I couldn't put down. I was invested. I am still invested even though it is over. Give it a chance.