Avoiding Intimacy (Avoiding, #2.5) - K.A. Linde Big fan of this series. Pushed it and pushed it. BIG FAN!Not a big fan of this book. This book did not give me the opportunity to get to know Chyna in a way that made me like her. If anything, it made me not like her. I didn't care about all the things she did in the book, she is Chyna, these were her type of men, I expected it. What I did care about was the whole Adam thing. She should not be with Adam. Or really, he should not be with her. First and foremost, she hates Mystery guy because he did something to her???!!! She did all the things he said she did! We were in her head! It happened! I love Mystery guy by the way, Mystery Man, I can't remember what Lexi called him. Anyway, loved him then love him way more now!!! Secondly, she didn't want to break up with Adam but the minute they did she is with Marco. Again, we were in her head, she freaking wanted Marco the minute she laid eyes on him!! She wanted him in the dressing room. She went to ITALY BECAUSE OF HIM! She was CONSUMED with him. She comes home and loves Adam and he just wants to be with her. She kissed his brother and he just wants to be with her. She leaves for 2 months and has a VERY INTENSE affair with Marco and comes home and HE WANTS TO BE WITH HER!! In her own head she believes she was somehow a victim. She wanted both of these men and she wanted them really, really bad. Have at it Chyna but fucking let Adam go. He will not be enough for her, we know this. WE WERE IN HER HEAD!!! I have no idea how we are to believe he will ever be enough for her.Bring on Jack!