Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1) - A. Meredith Walters My review and rating in no way are about the author or how the book was written. The book was well written and it seems all my friends really loved it and I am the minority.This book was way out of my comfort zone. I knew it going in and was ok with it. What I guess I didn't add up in my head is the age of the characters. Due to the content and the age my stomach did not take this book well at all. The subject matter was very deep and I think had they been just a little bit older I may have taken it better. Not that the subject would have been lighter but maybe I wouldn't have been so upset. It was very disturbing to me to watch this play out and how it got as far as it did. The age of the characters, well, because of that what happened should have some how been prevented. I found it very hard to believe that a girl whose entire life was an open book to her parents was able to spiral out of control in the way she did. I will read the second book and hope that everyone gets help and heals.