Rules of Entanglement (Fighting for Love, #2) - Gina L. Maxwell Well now, this was a seriously steamy installment to this series. Whew! The beginning kind of threw me. I had to go back and read it like three times to get the set up to make sense to me. I just couldn’t figure out the game that they had to play. Once I understood where it was going the rest of the story just came easy peasy. I liked the laid back surfer paired with the rule following uptight attorney. We can all tell with that match up where this is headed right? Part of me wishes the game didn’t have to be played though. We could have gotten these two together without that. No matter what happens you know that is just going to blow up in Jackson’s face. But without that piece where would we get the drama and the angst? The relationship that formed between these two opposites was a beautiful thing. To say they were both shocked by what they felt is an understatement. The end was beautiful but I didn’t like where it took place, kind of selfish of them both but whatever, it worked. If this is any indication, I would say this series will just continue to get better as it goes on. I wonder who is next?