Inked Ever After - Elle Aycart First, I was a little disappointed to see that this “half” book was actually about Tate and James. I like when we get the “half” books about secondary characters, not continuations on a story I thought had ended. So, this is the wedding. This book for about the first 40% just drove me crazy. Seriously, we got our HEA in the first book; I was not enjoying that HEA being disrupted by new drama. New Tate drama. It was very HOT HOT HOT even through that drama so I persevered ;) Now, that being said, once we broke through it I was happy to see I still had a good amount of book left and was really looking forward to some good times and good loving J I was even pleased with how we broke through the drama. James is the perfect Alpha. PERFECT! And then, what a surprise, the first page turn after the drama just moved me. Tate redeemed herself in my eyes at that point and I forgave her instantly for putting me through the first 40%. Her gesture was JUST PERFECT! I’ll even go so far as forgiving her for some of her bullshit in book one. But every good book just can’t be good times can it? What happens next I believe was a necessary evil. It was not fun but it worked very well for the story of these two characters. What came from that was also just perfect. Now can we put all the drama aside and have a good, fun time and a wedding? Yes! Finally we get some happy, happy, happy! The end of this book was beautiful. I think I even got a little misty and that is a rare occurrence for me. So, overall, a “half” book about the characters that already had their HEA ended up surprising me and I actually loved getting the extra.I don’t know about you guys but I seriously need Jack’s story, like now!