Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy Where do I start with this one? When we left Fable and Drew, Drew had admitted his feelings but left Fable. Well, admitted it in a note and then LEFT! Book two picks up about two months later, two months of no contact. Fable is hurt but functioning, because she has to, her Mom has completely failed them and she has to care for her brother. Drew is the opposite, he lost the last football games, turned in bad grades and is now taking a lighter load at school. He is still running, but at least knows he is running and is taking some steps to get is shit together. And then, fate being what she is, they run in to each other. There is no denying their connection, but for Fable and Drew nothing comes easy, but the only thing they seem to know is that they need each other. From this point of connection we see them try to get to know each other and work through their addiction to each other and make it more, so much more. And that is where to me, the book stops. I am completely satisfied that they got the HEA we knew would come but the meat of the story, the drama, the angst, the communication just seemed lacking for me. I see how they grew and was happy for what I was given, there was just something missing that made me crave it. It's just like I knew at a point it would come. What I thought would be an obstacle was almost just a distraction, only mentioned to give the thought of pure drama but then with nothing else. This felt like the end of a third book instead of the second book. Overall, because I was invested I am happy with how it ended and who they will be together. Somewhere I just got lost.