Fever (The Breathless Trilogy, #2) - Maya Banks Ok, here goes, I'm going to review here for both books, no point going back. I liked these books. They had a formula that we have all seen, you know the one, been there done that. What I liked about these books aside from them being what we have all read before was the three guys. I love a series that changes characters but flows together. These books had the formula but we get the added story, history and depth. These books had enough words to actually create a story, not just sex and dominance. So, yes, we get the contract in the first one but we also got history and a real story. In this one we get the MEGA alpha, possessive guy looking for his true submissive but again, depth and a story. Both books gave that Master feel but at the end of the day, because of the story, showed that both parties were the true Master. Now, I had a really hard time believing the connection of Jace and Bethany where I was completely ok with Gabe and Mia. I don't know. There was just something about the insta love in this one that I had a hard time getting through. Anyway, can't wait for Ash's book, I know he will be the end all of this series.