Breathe Into Me - Amanda  Stone 3.5★'s. This is another one of those books that keeps you turning the pages, you route for the relationship the entire book and bam, you hit the end and your kind of like "what just happened?". I enjoyed the whole story. Broken girl wanting new life, broken "bad" boy rebuilding his reputation and his life, the two finding each other etc. It worked. They were pretty functional and communicated the entire book and were really good for each other. And then the drama got thrown in, but it got thrown in like in the last two chapters and I was kind of like what? I knew she had some sort of weird stalker or something, the voice mail and the flowers, but that was really the only mention and they were mentioned and then never mentioned again. We got to the last 15-20% of the book and nothing was ever mentioned so I just assumed it was nothing. Then out of no where her friend is a psycho stalker, he kidnaps her, her Dad shows up with a gun, Kane saves her and then we have an epilogue. Is the Dad dead? Why did Kane hate Nate so much? Had he done this before to another girl and if he had why did Kane let her hang out with him? Aside from the end that just kind of seemed to be thrown together, a few editing issues that are like whatever, I liked the story and the characters. Glad I read it.