Falling into You (Falling into You, #1) - Lauren Abrams Semi Buddy Read with my BBG...we are probably overlapping at least :)4.5★'s - Whew, that ending just about did me in. I mean, like I couldn't even keep reading but then I couldn't stop. Whew...This was a really good book. Love at first sight at it's finest. Chris is being labeled as a bad boy, I guess I can see that somewhat. I don't know, what we mostly got of him wasn't really that bad. I guess it was his past. Past though? I think he's like 19 or something. I guess we are supposed to picture the super rich kids like we see on TV, where age really doesn't factor in. I guess when we are first introduced to him he comes across a little bit bad. Maybe shallow and vindictive but not so much and that's just a bit. Anyway...This book wouldn't have worked if Hallie and Sophia weren't friends but really, it made no sense to me how they were ever friends at all. How even outside of NY they could have had ANYTHING in common is just beyond me. Why Sophia was even at that school is another freaking weird thing. I guess that was the hook. I loved Hallie and her diarrhea mouth. She was so alive and I could just see how she radiated light while I was reading about her. I loved getting the dual POV's. It helped so much and getting inside of Chris's head was just perfect. I thought I had the ending figured out, I mean, with what happened it was inevitable but I was blown away by the twist. Who knew? Great job Lauren Abrams! I am not sure if it was the right thing to happen or not but I did feel a whole Hell of a lot better then I did a few pages before. I almost thought that they didn't have sex but it sounds like they did? I guess he did stop so they didn't finish? Either way I didn't like that part, I just wish it hadn't gone that far. Sophia is a FUCKING BITCH! A FUCKING WHORE AND A MANIPULATIVE JUVENILE FUCKING JEALOUS BITCH AND I HATE HER! There wasn't much I didn't like about this story and I will be jumping right in to the next one!