Tentação - Adolfo Caminha 4.5★'s - That was really, really intense. The kind of book I would normally avoid. With it being book 2 in this series I had to read it but man, I was very unprepared. I believe one of the last things that I said in my review for the first book was "Great job Lauren Abrams." That great job was due to how she ended the first book. She gets an all over great job for this book as well, but the beginning just KILLED me. It completely made me want to rewrite that part of my review. I was soooo angry and confused. This book is written backwards and forwards. We get the present and then we get the past. It's done beautifully. This book starts seven years later. I guess when I read that I just didn't realize where those seven years would take us. The things that happened to Hallie and Chris were just way more then I thought could or would. Overall this was a very well written love story, a love at first sight love story. It had everything a true romance should have.