The Girl in 6E - Yes, I just gave this 5★'s. Normally my 5★ reads are romantic, heart stopping, emotional, moving blah blah blah. Sweet, rainbows and glitter. This did not have ANY rainbows and glitter, well, it did and it didn't. Mostly it DID NOT. This was not a romance, unless you are a deep thinking person, but for sure this was heart stopping, emotional and moving. I have never read anything like this and probably never will again. I do not read dark reads. I don't like them, mostly, they scare me. This was a dark read but not the way that my friends would think. I know the kinds of dark reads they read and this would probably not rate. To me, it was deep and very dark. I am not going to explain the book to you, the author does that up there somewhere. What I will explain to you is that you should read this. Only if you read it to cleanse your brain for those rainbows, read this. This was an exceptional book on a topic I had never even really given thought to. It was a book about a girl who just was handed shit and did what none of us would probably ever think of doing but survived. This was about a girl who, I don't even know what else to say about her. WOW. With no guidance she believed something and lived it. She lived it until somewhere inside of her she had to use it and fix it. None of it was right, none of it was fair but doing what she did and what she had to do somehow worked and brought about a whole new life. I believe she will get her own redemption. I believe that in this case, two wrongs absolutely make a right. I enjoyed every freaking page of this book.