Skin Deep (Skin Deep, #1) - J.M. Stone 4.5 or even maybe 4.75★'s...I have never really done the .75 but this might be a book that gets it. I don't know, either way it gets over 4★'s. As I read the book I could easily pick out what I liked and what I didn't, no problem, I knew how my review would go... This book has a great story. A great girl and a great guy. It had the serious KA influence the entire book, and the authors that try to go there get props from me regardless. She's my favorite and using her influence gets me past the things that would normally drive me crazy. I just look past it because I can see what the author wants us to see. This book isn't perfect and there were times where I just shook my head but overall, I liked everyone I met, I liked the story, I was emotionally invested in the book and then the end, well, the end I was REALLY emotionally invested. I like that it was a stand alone and the other books in the series will be about the characters that I met while turning the pages. One thing I didn't like but don't like ever was how I feel we are going to get a love story between three people. I just can never except it but this entire book lead me to believe that is what is coming. I don't think for one second that one of these boys is going to be left behind and that kinda fills me with dread. Aside from that lead to the next book I am very anxious for more of this series. This book was full of love and heat.