Breach (Breach, #1) - K.I. Lynn I know that I am in the minority here. There are so many 5★ ratings on this one and I just did not feel that. First off, I was so excited for the "dirty talk" that my feed was blowing up with, but that was not dirty talk. That was degrading talk. Why anyone would find it hot to be called a whore and a slut is beyond me. So, I tried to glaze over that every time Nathan said it. I figured those were just words and I should focus more on the story. You know, kind of like the whole Daddy thing in Knight. Which, really didn't bug me so much. I really couldn't do it though. The minute he called her a whore I just couldn't then enjoy what came after. Maybe if that name calling came later and not the very first thing he said to her. I don't know. I did not feel ANY connection between these two people. I mean, if anything, the emotion we were given to feel was when we realized they were hurting each other. Him taking more pills, her having nightmares again etc. I don't think that was what I was supposed to focus on, I think I was supposed to believe these two broken people needed each other and were filling the emptiness. I just didn't see it. I never saw them really build a relationship. There really was no talking or getting to know each other. I guess at some point they shared some stuff but not really. Maybe we needed Nathan's POV? I didn't really like Lila or being in her head. The whole google thing was kind of weird too. It's like no one thought to do that. The best part of the book came at the end. Now, all that being said I was very intrigued by Nathan's story or lack there of. I find that very interesting. It's just too bad that it wasn't believable. I mean, you would think that it would have been big news and people would have known about it. He was a pretty big attorney right? I don't know. I think if there was more focus on the story and not so much focus on the angry not so hot sex I would have liked this better. That being said, I did finish it and of course will want to know what happens so I will be reading more of this story. I just didn't find it the amazing book everyone else seemed to. It did get the 3rd ★ because of the end.