Knight & Stay (Knight, #2) - Kitty French 4.5★'s - This book had the drama…Not nearly as good as the first book but still, so freaking good. I never completely reviewed the first book, pretty much added a song and then moved right on to this book. I’ll go finish up that review after I review this one. Here is the first one with the song so you can sing along :), it’s still fitting book was completely different than the first book. Still panty melting but this book held all the emotion that everyone felt was missing from the first one. This is where we dug in with each of the characters and had to deal with the struggle. This book was Sophie’s book hands down. This book was her strength. What a woman she became after everything she learned in Play. I truly felt the emotion in Play even though it wasn’t in your face emotion so to see where it led Sophie in Stay was an amazing journey. Choices were based on true want and not desperation or confusion on her part. She didn’t dwell on the past and let that make her decisions. She followed both her heart and her brain in this book. Made choices that she wanted and really wasn’t scared because she knew it was right. Lucien, Lucien, poor, poor Lucien. You are so very broken and I just love you. The battle you went through in this book was heart wrenching to me. To have something so precious to you but not want it, believe you shouldn’t have it and just push it away because you have no idea what else to do was just so sad to read. To see your walls come down was such a relief. For you to finally feel what you needed was beautiful. I love that this series was just two books and we got a perfectly steamy HEA with a beautiful and equally as steamy epilogue. From the song in my first review, very fitting…Funny you're the broken one but I'm the only one who needed saving”I don’t love you,” he ground out while biting her lip. Sophie wound her arms around his neck, her fingers in his hair as she kissed him gently. “I don’t love you either,” she whispered, holding him close and rocking the last ebbs of pleasure out of him. “I don’t love you either.”