Thursday Nights - Lisa N. Paul 4.5★'s - What a great book! I am so glad I took a chance on this one. I have been struggling with my reads lately and this one just was a well written, refreshing romance. It took me just a small bit to get the writing style, there are a lot of characters and you are in all of their heads at some point in the book. It kind of jumped from one to the next pretty quickly but once I grasped it I ran with it. This is a great story of a group of friends, a family and just life. One day at a time, good and bad, life. This book focuses mainly on Max and Janie but is written so well that you don't just get a set up on the books to come, you get depth on each character and feel they already kind of had a little bit of their own books. The development of the characters was beautifully done and didn't overshadow our leads but made Max and Janie's story just have more depth. The book focuses on two friends with painful pasts, two people who are just kind of going through the motions. We get to watch these two people go from just friends to not wanting to fight their attraction any longer. This of course does not come easily, at all. The angsty part of the book was done very well. I didn't want to throw my Kindle in frustration, I enjoyed watching the struggle and the work it took to get to the HEA I couldn't wait for. Well done. This book made me laugh, frown and fan myself, more then once. Max certainly sets the sheets on fire :) I really enjoyed it and can't wait to get more, more, more! From the end I am guessing whose story is next but honestly, I would take any one of their stories, I liked them all!! Oh, and a little novella about Danny and Julie would be welcomed too :) When is the next book?