Beautiful Broken Rules - Kimberly Lauren Love, love, loved it!! I'll tell you what I think tomorrow!Ok, whew, it was midnight when I finished and there was no way I could write anything then. So, what did I think about this book? It was a very beautiful story about two people with an instant connection to each other who actually become besties. Now, you knew they wouldn't just be besties but getting that side of the story first was great and welcome. It was not a story of insta-love, well, not in your face insta-love. This relationship took a lot of time and actually a lot of convincing and teaching. Emerson was an outstanding character. She did what she did and really just lived her life. She wasn't running around unhappy. She liked her life. That was refreshing but surely not healthy. But at least she wasn't running around doing stuff and then heading home and wallowing. I liked that. Her reasons may not make sense to most but they made sense to her and really, it seems people liked her. And then there is Jax, holy moly Jaxon...What a man at 21, I would love to see him down the road. He was awesome. He SAW her. He wanted to be friends with her. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL to him, inside and out. Now, he wasn't perfect but I think he really tried. For the first time in Emerson's life, she saw someone who saw her and it was just beautiful. Of course figuring things out doesn't lead us right to a HEA and wrong choices are made (at least not the ones I was scared of), there is mis-communication and then there is that angsty time apart that we all love