Belong to You (Cole, #1) - Vi Keeland I'll start by saying I really liked it. It's another one of those books where we have been there, done that. Billionaire playboy and innocent girl. I loved Jack. He was just about perfect in the beginning and quite mysterious. I really liked Syd too, she was just semi annoying at times in her head. It's like we always get the h who loves to run instead of standing up for herself. I didn't realize that this was a continuous story for these two characters but feel good with where we left it and where it will go next. Jack was super alpha, pissing on her alpha but we really got to see his vulnerability as well which is very welcome to see in such a freaking alpha male. I think we are in store for some serious drama in the next book, I just hope these two don't become stupid. If you love an alpha male, some serious heat in the bedroom and drama, this is the book for you :)