Surviving Raine - Shay Savage Yeah, that was a FANTASTIC read. Wow! I have a lot of thoughts, I'll review fully tomorrow.I don’t even know where to start with this one. First off, this book is not something I would normally pick up to read, but after seeing it everywhere on my feed I thought why not? I am so glad that I did. What a great read. There were times I was so wrapped up in their conversations and the emotions they were projecting I forgot their circumstances. How about those circumstances? I don’t think I would have survived, ever! Well, if I had my very own Bastian I think I would at least have had a chance! The struggle we saw Bastian go through, reliving his life, baring his soul was heartbreaking and at times very difficult to read. Watching him open and trust and love was beautiful even though it was very difficult. This book surprised me. I loved it and as I said above, never would have thought that could be true. The end gutted me, what he went through when they left their “home” was so very hard to read. Seeing Raine stand up to him, tell him and show him she was his “home” was beautiful. Now, the very end, what? I thought this was a standalone book. Obviously it is not. The last chapter really made me think about coincidence and if it really, truly was fate. It also made me very nervous about what is to come. So glad I gave this book a chance even if I thought it would be out of my normal comfort zone. Very well written and I can’t wait for more.