Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3) - Abbi Glines 2.5★'s - I glad I read this? Not sure. I didn't really like the first two but figured I needed to finish the series up. Aside from the Grant story line, the Woods story was just what we already knew. I enjoyed, really enjoyed the wedding part. The read, I don't know. I love Abbi Glines but Rush and Blair just never moved me. Their sex in this book DID NOT MOVE ME. I don't know if I feel like he made up for the stuff he did with Nan, sex is not the answer, especially on your Father's boat when you have no idea when he is coming back. The secret Brother thing was kind of beat as well. I will end this with my same statement, I love Abbi and the wedding was worth the read. Nan needs to not be in any of the other books and in no way deserves a book. Harlow yes, Nan no.