Beauty From Pain (Beauty, #1) - Georgia Cates Loved it, will write my review later, I have to read the next one now!I loved this book. I thought for sure when I started it that it was just going to be another story of a billionaire and a naïve young girl in an arrangement and of course, falling in love. It was a little of that but was done beautifully and very different. This wasn’t the standard type of arrangement. This wasn’t possession, this was just an arrangement of convenience and companionship that would eventually end. Well, of course it wouldn’t really end but you know. I really enjoyed the three months that Jack Henry and Laurelyn spent together. They enjoyed each other and there really was no unnecessary drama. They both just got to be themselves. They both got it. Of course, things were changing but it didn’t change their time spent together except to make it better. The ending about killed me though. I was very lucky to be reading this when book two was already out so I was able to jump right in. Very well written take on the billionaire train that seems to keep going and going and going.