Beauty from Surrender (Beauty, #2) - Georgia Cates 3.5★'s - I have to do some thinking, I'll review both books soon.I am not sure what happened with this one. I almost feel as if these weren't even the same people from the first book, and I don't mean because the circumstances changed them. They were just not the same characters from the first book. I almost didn't like Laurelyn in this book and well, Jack Henry seemed to have lost some of his bossy, self-assured ALPHA strength. After the three month separation and everything he went through, how he handled the reunion was so completely out of character that I wasn’t sure where this book was going to take us. Laurelyn’s reaction was very believable but then after that she was just someone different. There was a lot to get through to get to the HEA I longed for after reading the first book and some of it was just, I don’t know, ridiculous? The two people who talked and shared and COMMUNICATED were gone in this book. There was just so much inner dialogue and I admit I was frustrated. I am glad the book ended the way that it did, after all, it was what I was reaching for. I am glad I read the books I just really loved the first book and was a little let down by this one.