Come Alive - Karina Halle Oh.My.God. This is one of those moments, you know, when you have been waiting so very long for something and when you finally get it you just stare at it? The moment you realize it's yours and you are almost afraid to do anything with it? Yeah, I am having that moment right now. I feel like I have waited an eternity for this book and today, it is finally here. I wish I could lock myself away from the world just to savor each page. Finally! Here I go!Can I start my review with the last sentence? Me and the future Mrs. Dex Foray. Yeah, that wrapped it up...PERFECTLY! Wow, what a ride this book was. I mean, WHAT A RIDE. I had so much feeling going into this book. The wait for it, the teasers, the SETTING (my favorite place on earth) and of course, getting a full length book from Dex's POV. I bought this book as soon as I woke up this morning. I was lucky enough to have attended a Rancid/Transplants show the night before so of course, I had to sleep in a bit. By the time my ass was out of bed it had just become available. Well, I didn't start reading right away, I needed to know I had TIME to read and once I started, well, I started and then finished. This book awakened ALL my emotions. ALL OF THEM. We got the sexy, we got the fear, we got the angst and the anger but most of all, we got the LOVE! I was so scared for about twenty percent of this book, SO FREAKING SCARED. I was angry, I didn't like where it was going, I didn't think I could keep going, seriously, I was scared for them and just plain scared for Dex. Recovery? Who does it best? Yeah, Karina Halle can put the fear of God in you but can send you to absolute recovery like no one else. Answers were given, forgiveness was given and seriously, love was given. I loved every single page of this book. Every page. This was an amazing installment in the BEST SERIES EVER WRITTEN.Now, do I have some gripes? YES! Does that make me love this less? NO! Do they make me love it more? YES!! I have questions, I have fears and I NEED MORE!!I bow to you Karina, on my fucking knees for you.