Entangled, A Novel - Annie Brewer I have never been asked to review a book for an author and was beyond flattered. I explained to Annie that I am not a great reviewer but she wanted me to read this for her and review on content as the book is not edited completely yet. So that is what I did. The concept of the story is a great one, damaged people becoming friends and then becoming more. Damaged people who find someone to help repair the damage to themselves, to help them see who they are and help to knock down the walls they have built within themselves to protect them. This is not an easy journey and you get all the ups and downs they have to go through to get to their HEA. This story has great potential and the author has spent a lot of time really trying to get the emotions of each character on the page. I think once the book is fully completed she will have a lot of happy readers. If you like a love story about the bad boy getting the good girl then this book should for sure be added to your TBR list.ARC provided by author for review on content only.