Falling Into Us - Jasinda Wilder Review to come.I was very nervous about reading this book. The first book was so emotional and I was just so overwhelmed by it I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live through that again. I figured that really it was just going to be seeing the effects of the tragedies in book 1 and how they effected Jason and Becca. How they came to be and fell in love. Wow, was I wrong. The story did take me back to before the tragedy and up to the tragedy, it did show me how Jason and Becca found each other and fell in love but wow, wow, it went so much farther than that. This was THEIR book. I didn’t realize how much of a story they would have regardless of Nell, Kyle and Colton. What a story this was. These two people fell in love at 16 and never, never fell out of it. Amazing love story full of so much sadness and love and happiness. They were each other’s strength and it was a beautiful story to be told. Very glad that I read it. Loved getting time with Nell and Colton, what a bonus. This wasn’t their book but they are a part of this story and I loved seeing where they are now.