Fixed on You (Fixed, #1) - Laurelin Paige I liked this way more then I thought I would. I didn't realize it wasn't a stand alone though. It isn't a cliffy but still, I want more!! I'll write a full review later. I can't seem to write reviews while I am on vacation, lol!I would call this the same old same old, but it’s not, well, it is and then it isn’t…Yes, billionaire Alpha male, financially broken girl, but a smart one, serious psychological issues and then an arrangement so yes, those things fit the mold. The difference, this wasn’t for love or possession or all the things we are used to from that certain Alpha billionaire. This was set up as an arrangement only. A deal so to speak. What happens during that deal was kind of predictable because of the scenario but still left you turning the pages to see what would happen next. There was always something waiting on the edge that made you certain what you predicted just might not happen. I want more so I would say that is a good thing. The book left off in a good place but with much more to come.