This Man Confessed (This Man, #3) - Jodi Ellen Malpas A perfect ending to a perfect trilogy. Oh how I love you Jesse Ward. This has been one Hell of a ride and this book just wrapped it up perfectly. This is hands down my favorite series of this type, favorite! It had everything and a lot of it. Jesse grew so much in this book and I just loved him more and more every page I turned. Seeing him reveal all his secrets, really, really loving Ava and truly becoming the best man possible was just a perfect wrap up. Ava on the other hand really irritated me. She was still running, still hiding, still lying etc. Nothing seemed to get through to her and really she needed to be smacked. Overall I feel we got all the answers to everything throughout the three books. I feel that the story was told, it ended how it should and I feel really good about what we got. I can’t rate this 5 stars though. The Ava thing was just too much. I was so irritated with her and never fully got over it. What she did was unfair, selfish and really just immature. She KNOWS Jesse, she KNOWS he loves her and she still makes the wrong decisions most of the time. And what she was going to do? I just can’t forgive that. How Jesse didn’t give up I just don’t know. Now, of course I am glad he didn’t. This is a love story and I wanted them together I just didn’t like the route she took with some things and these weren’t even the crazy, shocking revelations that came much later in the book! That Ava I liked and admired. So, it just kind of got off a little rocky for me but for sure made up for itself in the end. I love you Jesse Ward!