Pulse (Collide, #2) - Gail McHugh Review to come.Here is the best suggestion I can give before you read this book:One: Re-read Collide. It has been so long since I read Collide that I found myself almost annoyed with this book. So, I stopped, re-read my review and then remembered what this book was supposed to be about. Once I realized what I needed this book to be about at the end of Collide I found myself less annoyed and more just enjoying what the author was giving me. She was giving me EXACTLY what was needed after the heart breaking end of Collide. So, if you can’t do a re-read at least refresh your memory. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will hide part of my review. As I knew it would be, the beginning was killer. I am so happy it didn’t take forever to resolve. Well done! I was so scared the separation would be drawn out, so scared there would be running, lying, “cheating” and all that shit I did not want to happen but there wasn’t. Overall, this was love, romance, hot sex and a well-deserved HEA. This was EXACTLY what I think everyone who read Collide was looking for right? Now, I was still slightly annoyed which I will mention in my next spoiler but again, once I focused on what this book was I felt better. Ok, ready for what I didn’t like? Don’t read this shit if you haven’t read the book, for real…I HATED THE BABY STORY! It made me feel so ick the entire time. I did not remember her sleeping with them both like at the same time. I know there was the “rape” the night before the wedding or whatever you want to call what that was but this book made it sound like she was sleeping with them both and it just I don’t know. Not to mention on Christmas Day she has to think back to when her last period was and it was in FREAKING OCTOBER?? There is no woman on this planet who would not have questioned that shit, no woman. Also, I do not for one second believe that Gavin would have been THAT ok with the situation. It was not realistic. The doctor appointment embarrassed me. Doc, we would like to ask about that because he thinks he might be the father…what? Who says something like that? Why not just tell the Dr. he is the father? I don’t know, it didn’t feel good and really bothered me. I did not like the accident toward the end. It made no sense to me. It was like it got thrown in there but I don’t understand why. It did nothing to or for the story. And the last thing that drove me crazy was the constant inner dialogue regarding love and forgiveness and finally feeling free. Once they were back together, yes, this man loves me, I love him, we will be together forever would be welcome but it seemed every time they kissed one of them was thinking this again. This leads to the length, I think because of all that inner dialogue the book just seemed a bit too long. This is not a bad review, this is not me being mean or anything. This is just me stating that it DROVE ME CRAZY!! So, all that being said, I am so happy with how this book wrapped up. Oh, and I loved the twenty questions. I got it right away and couldn’t wait! I thought that was perfectly done. Gavin is perfect. You have to read this if you read Collide, you just have to.