Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn What? That is how it ends? WHATTTTT??? I just don’t even know what to say. I have been taking notes and writing this review while reading so I wouldn’t forget anything and then I finished and now I am just like what? I can’t believe that is how it ended. I just can’t believe it. Makes sense though I guess. Here is my review on the most different book I have ever read, recommended to me by my Mom. Here is my review on a book I don’t know if I loved or hated, did I even really like it? Here is my review on a book that you can’t really review because you don’t want to give anything away. Here is my attempt at a review on a book that was exactly what I needed.If you are reading this then you know what kind of books I read. I used to be a little more versatile with what I read but then I was introduced to Kristen Ashley and I switched to straight romance and I read everything I could to find something similar to what she writes. Sometimes though, I get bored. Sometimes it is too much drama, too much angst and I get antsy for something different. When I mention this to my Mom she always says “you need to read Gone Girl”. I finally gave in. I wanted different and I got different. I don’t even really know what I just read. One of my GR friends (Duchess) asked me about it when I was about 35% in, she said they had heard it was boring. My response was that I wouldn’t call it boring. It is not a boring book. I can see how people thought it was boring but it is not boring. It is a book that makes you feel like you do when you are reading a romance and you just freaking want them to get together already or just communicate or whatever. All you romance junkies out there know that feeling. This book made you feel like that but it wasn’t for them to get together it was for answers, more clues, the timing of the dialogue to catch up, more, more, more. The writing was flawless, refreshing, funny and smart. This book is mostly inner dialogue. There are two POV’s but set at very different times. You will be introduced to two characters and get to know them based on the inner dialogue. You will form opinions on each of them based on what each of them tell you about themselves. Talk about different. Wait, you will also get a little bit from secondary characters as well but mostly the opinion you form is from the characters head. Even when other people are talking you are really just getting what they are thinking about what the people are saying, it is quite a curious thing and well, different. I can’t even begin to tell you the theories I had formed by the time I hit 35%. I can’t believe what actually happened at 35% to send some of those theories in the trash but I can tell you it only provided my brain the room to create more. This wasn’t a fast moving book, there are a shit ton of words in this book but it is a book you feel like you are chasing the whole time. You KNOW something happened you just can’t figure out what, you know so much doesn’t make sense but you can’t figure out what you believe. The minute you grasp on to a thought it is taken away from you. The minute you think you know something the next minute you know nothing. The actions of the present and the story of the past just are confusing as Hell. What he F is going on? And then you hit 52% and really, all you can say is fuck. And then, from that point on that is all you say for every page you turn. Throw out theories, throw out everything because from this point on it is like all bets are off and the twists keep coming. Sick, sick, sick twists. I can’t say anything else, it is a book that is better read and not reviewed. Everything is a clue and insight and talking about it could be spoiling it and I won’t do that. Wow, just wow. This is a puzzle that you just never quite figure out, you get close but nope, not gonna happen.This book is wrong on so many levels. It is just wrong. Different is exactly what I got, thank you Mom. Mom ALWAYS knows best.