Bare It All - Lori Foster Book two in the Love Undercover series picked up right where [b:Run the Risk|13548160|Run the Risk (Love Undercover, #1)|Lori Foster||19113332] left off. In this installment of the series we get Alice’s story, Reese’s neighbor that we met briefly in the first book. I was very curious about her and what her story would be and I was not disappointed. This was a steamy and mostly no nonsense book. Alice was a great character. She is very strong and I liked her. Even more, I liked her for Reese. Reese, what a big delicious bossy man. Alice and Reese seemed to connect right away and the buildup between the two of them made sense and was believable. Love how all the characters are involved in each book and we get to see bits and pieces of where the next books will take us. I will end this in a shout, BRING ON ROWDY!! Can’t wait for his book!