Superb and Sexy (Sky High Air, #3) - Jill Shalvis The first book, [b:Smart and Sexy|305418|Smart and Sexy (Sky High Air, #1)|Jill Shalvis||296418] was ok, the second book, [b:Strong and Sexy|519733|Strong and Sexy (Sky High Air, #2)|Jill Shalvis||507641] was better and this was Brody’s book so I knew it would be the best. Well…I was a little let down with the beginning and the set up to the story. The Maddie from the first two books was a little different in this one, almost a little less. I guess the first two showed her as “on” and this one was her without all of her shields. I still liked her she just wasn’t the same. Her handling of Brody was a little off as well. Her thoughts on him that we got to see in the past were all “I have to have this man, he has to notice me” and now, here he is and well, it was a little contradictory. Now, that being said she has some drama going on so of course, she had to run. So, mostly I am forgiving of the set up because once she gave in and she and Brody formed a team I really enjoyed the story. Like the other two, this one was a little out there but still good. Oh, I can't forget to mention - Hot, Hot, HOT of course! Jill Shalvis is one of my favorite authors and I am glad I am discovering more books written by her.