Reckless (Renegades, #1) - Skye Jordan 4.5★'s - Seriously, I need ten more books JUST LIKE THAT ONE. I loved it. Exactly what I like to read, like it was written with me in mind. - Full review to come.I loved it! It had a little bit of all my favorite things and only the smallest amount of my least favorite! Loved both Lexi and Jax. Loved the chance meeting of two strangers who don’t want anything or need anything and all that Jazz. Loved the off the freaking charts steam! This book was freaking hot, like my Kindle was on fire and my panties were melting HOT!! Loved that they connected on such and emotional and intimate way still being strangers. Loved, loved, loved how caught off guard they were by this. And the best, I loved that Jax was not going to let her go. Now let’s talk about that missing ½ ★ You know we gotta get some drama and some angst and boy did we. Give me a little and I love it, drag it out and I just start to get annoyed. I got where it was coming from and was accepting of it until it just took too long and I started to get a little annoyed. I completely related to Lexi but it just was too much. She needed to open her eyes and open her mouth! Throw in a rushed ending and it went from a full on 5★ read to a solid 4.5★’s. That being said, I will not even hesitate to continue with the series. The set up was solid, the writing was solid and boy, the heat was almost too solid! Overall I really did love it.Copy courtesy of Cygnet Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. **Side note, I received this after I purchased it from Amazon and I did not return my purchase. So, really, I bought my copy as well as receiving a copy.**