Wife by Wednesday - Catherine Bybee 4.5★s - If this just had a little more length I would for sure give it 5★'s, 4.5 is pretty damn close though. I think this book did everything right for the pretend marriage story line. Everything right. If you like this type of story, this one was done perfectly. From the initial meeting, to the proposition, to the marriage and on, this book did it just right. There was no frustrating inner dialogue, no running or any of the other nonsense that sometimes happens in “pretend” books. They each stepped up to the plate, played their roles and formed a bond. Blake and Sam fit from the very beginning. You could see where this was going to go and you knew you would enjoy getting there. I liked both of them and I really liked them together. The pace was great. There weren’t long stretches where we scream come on already. It all just flowed together. Even the itty bit of drama we have to endure wrapped itself up quickly and efficiently. Great cast of characters were introduced who I assume will all get a chance in the spotlight. I am looking forward to reading many more books by this author.