Tattered Love (Needle's Kiss #1) - Lola Stark Seriously guys, put down the pitch forks. I know most of you LOVED THIS...This is one of those books that makes me so angry! I wanted to love it! I thought for sure I WOULD love it. I didn’t love it. I probably could have loved it. Well, maybe not. It had that great KA feel that I super love. Bad ass, tattooed alpha and what I thought would be a kick ass, tattooed, strong woman. It so fell flat for me. The book started out strong but then ended up just driving me freaking crazy! The people we met in the beginning changed and were not those people for most of the book. What was supposed to be the standardized formula of hard to get, I have walls, you have walls, we aren’t looking for love, let’s just have sex annoyed the shit out of me. Normally, I like this storyline but the inner dialogue of both of these characters was too much and I just didn’t connect with it or buy it. The back and forth didn’t make sense to me. I just didn’t see the problem for these two. The entire ending from the cheese to the climatic crazy ending just kind of had me shaking my head. Where that cheese even came from I don’t know. And seriously, why there was cheese was just very high school. And then the crazy? Well, I just think this wasn’t’ for me. The best part about this book was the steam level. It was seriously hot. I dug them as a couple when they were giving into their lust and talking dirty and being dirty but when they weren’t, meh. This book introduced a lot of secondary characters which I assume will get their own books. We know at the end of this one who is up next and let me just say, that story line already has me squirming. I seem to be in the minority with my feelings for this one so don’t take my word, read it for yourself, you’ll probably end up loving it.