Give Me Strength - Kate  McCarthy 4.5★'s - Alright. Where to start. First, I want to read [b:Give Me Love|17204058|Give Me Love (Give Me, #1)|Kate McCarthy||23681314] again. When I finish I want to change my rating and actually WRITE A REVIEW! I have no idea how or why I never did because once I finished this book it all came back to me in such a wave of love I can’t believe I didn’t take the time to gush about it. Since I never take the time for re-reads I will just have to gush here and make sure you know, I loved the first book and I LOVED THIS ONE TOO! This series has everything I want in my romance books. EVERYTHING! The series has a serious Rock Chick vibe that I will not complain about AT ALL! How could I and why would I? Romance, suspense, hot hot hot heat, amazing friends and family and freaking laugh out loud moments. Perfection. I loved Travis and Quinn. I loved how they “met”, I loved how they met again and I loved watching their story unfold. It was done in a very believable manor. The connection between the two was so strong. Travis handled Quinn beautifully. Watching and knowing and learning Quinn. This installment had a pretty serious storyline but it never dragged it down. It was written in such a way that you knew the stuff was really bad but the love that was taking place in the moment made you feel like you could get through it, that they would get through it. My heart really hurt for both of them. Both facing the same sorts of demons just not in the same way. I loved that Travis needed Quinn just as much as she needed him. They were on equal footing. There was a twist at about 75% that threw me for a loop and made me want to scream out loud. Thank God it was resolved quickly and wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I loved, loved, loved the epilogue! Moving forward a bit, seeing where we are going and knowing that we get Casey’s story next was just more perfection. The secondary characters are not in any way secondary in these books. You feel like you get little sneak peeks at each of them and it just makes you want more. I can’t wait for every single one of the characters to get a book. Really, I can’t wait. I wish the series was finished so I could read them one after another because I would. I would devour them. If you aren’t reading these books you should be. Loved it!