Not Quite Dating (Not Quite, #1) - Catherine Bybee My rating isn’t because this was a bad book. It isn’t a bad book. It’s written well, I just didn’t like it. I need real chemistry and characters I really like. I knew going in what the storyline was but I thought for sure I would be ok with it. I wasn’t. Jessie was a wrong kinda person in so many ways. She was very judgy, very snobby and really, just really not all that good inside. I know she is supposed to come across as good, sweet and all of that but I just didn’t get it. She was a gold digger. I know the thought of that made her feel guilty but truly at the end of the day she wanted a rich man to take care of the burden of her life. She never talked about love for her or love for her son. The way she treated Jack was so very wrong. She judged him immediately based on his friends and his truck and no matter what he did she still thought of him as lower than her. He wanted to help her and take care of her and her son!! Isn’t that what she really wanted?? Ugh. She had no problem letting him be there when it benefited her though but as soon as he would make mention of a relationship she was like um, no, you are not the kind of man for me. I know Jack wanted to find a woman who loved him for who he really was and not for his money but honestly, for most of the book she treated him so badly that I didn’t understand why he thought she was it for him. Ok, that is enough of that. I think it just angered me. Jessie was never really mean it was just her thoughts and things she said to others. I know that Jack saw her fear and all that and that is what drove him. He knew she did care for him and I know she did care I just couldn’t get past all the stuff she thought about him. The story of course was very predictable, I mean, you knew what would happen, secrets never stay secrets in books. The end was really quick and kind of just put more emphasis on what I didn’t like about the whole book. It’s just hard to rate a book high when you dislike the main character so much. I adore The Weekday Brides series by this author so not liking one book isn’t going to deter me from the other books out there by this author.