Collide (Collide, #1)

Collide (Collide, #1) - Gail McHugh Ok, seriously, WTF? I will have to hide most of this review because I won’t be able to write it without revealing some shit so don’t click on the spoiler if you haven’t read it. And yes, regardless of what I say in this review I DO recommend that you read this book. I knew what I was getting myself in to with this one but I read it anyway. I knew there was a huge cliffy. I knew that the end of the book would infuriate me. I knew this. What I didn’t know was how freaking pissed off the book would make me through the whole thing! This is a book about love at first sight, no other way to put it. We all love that right? No, not in this case. This was love at first sight but let’s do everything we possibly can to avoid it at all costs. Emily came off to me as the most naïve girl ever. Dillon was abusive, possessive, controlling and pretty much bought her the entire book. She constantly felt indebted to him. Well, of course she did, he was buying her and she felt it was ok. He worked late all the time, never asked about her day and was just plain mean. What made her like this? What made her feel she deserved the way he was treating her? It was like she didn’t have a brain for most of the book. When she finally clued in and took the right path for her life she took the wrong path in less than TWENTY FOUR HOURS!! Who makes that kind of decision? Who freaking does that? Is she so fucking naïve that she seriously wouldn’t even give him a chance to talk to her? I get it, his ex answered the door, I get it, I really do but what I would not have done is run away and immediately decide to marry Dillon the Douchpickle. She didn’t break up with him to be with Gavin, she broke up with him because he is abusive. Not being with Gavin should not have made her be with Dillon!! I hated Dillon the entire book. Gavin had brains but when the shit hit the fan it was like he was stupid too. He was strong, smart and dominant but when that was what he needed to be he just wasn’t. I hit the 91% mark of the book and had to put it down. When I picked it back up Gavin seemed to have come to his senses. He went after his girl. He was fighting for her. He wasn’t going to let her get away but no, fucking stupid Emily won’t even listen to him. She hates him blah blah blah kiss kiss kiss. COME ON!!! How can you not listen to him??? And then came Gavin the major dickhead. Now he is going to be mean and dangerous. At this point I really almost forgot these people were adults and not in high school. Why isn’t anyone making her stop this stupid shit? I mean seriously MAKE HER! How could her sister and her friends not stop her from making this stupid mistake? Now, the toast, part of me really thinks she deserved that toast. “Here’s to bottle caps, the Yankees and ‘birds’, and most of all…” “And, most of all, to a beautiful girl named Molly who refuses to believe the man who loves her-the man who loves her more than she’ll ever know.” “Oh, yeah…and to Emily and Dillon.” Take a fucking stand! You do not love Dillon! Seriously, if needed just give them both up!! Why would you purposely ruin your life? Ugggghhh!!! This whole marriage thing makes no sense. It would have been enough just to get back together with him, why did she also have to continue with the wedding plans? Infuriated doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel at this point of the book! And now, we have come to the end. The monster that Dillon is showed his face, took her and now I fear it may be too late. Tick Tock.Now, all that said, I wouldn’t have half as much to say about a book that didn’t get me. So, this book obviously got me. Even if it just got me angry it elicited emotion and that is what a book should do right? So, go read this book. Let it make you angry, frustrated and wanting to throw your Kindle. Waiting for book two to come out is the easy way out of this torture. Read it now, be reckless and love and hate every minute of it!!