Set it on Fire (Borrowed Billionaire #5) - Mimi Strong I started my review of the series but left it at work. Will post a full review tomorrow! Really enjoyed this :)I actually think I loved each of these books. They were way over the top unbelievable, so freaking steamy and dare I say refreshing? I mean, come on, the chick is the nympho! Oh wait, it’s sex addict now, no one says nympho anymore…hee…But seriously, Lexie is a freaking sex addict. She is way more needy then any man and that is quite the change of pace. There were 5.5 books, each really just an installment, so really, just one book. There is not a time or a place that Lexie doesn’t need to, um, relieve herself. She is constantly horny. So yes, way over the top but very funny and it just works for this story. She has a “friend” who helps with all this, it is the perfect arrangement for both of them and um, he is a freaking hot ass fireman. Most of the other time it is just her taking care of herself. Now, let’s throw in a billionaire who can’t date or be with a woman for three months due to a bet. There meeting is perfect, I loved it. In order for this story to work we have to throw some feelings in there. It seems that for some reason Lexie can’t get Mr. Thorne off her mind and well, based on his own actions I would like to think he feels the same way. I love that this wasn’t an insta love, meet the billionaire fall in love story. And let’s not forget that Lexie is no virgin, like at all. This wasn’t a controlling billionaire claiming the girl, this was lust at its finest. Watching these two people who were way more similar then they realized was quite enjoyable. Very quick, very hot and very funny read. Glad I gave it a chance.