Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley I am going to start this review before I even start the book. I have not read any reviews but have seen some status updates and ★ ratings that weren't as favorable as normal for a book by Kristen Ashley. KA is my favorite author and I wanted to read this with my mind wide open and see what I think without any insight into the book. Can't wait to read reviews when I finish so we can all dish! Here we go!4.5★'s - I just can't say it enough times, KA is a master. I love her and her stories. I loved the story between Hop and Lanie. This was a love story, a story of healing, moving on and finding true happiness. Hop was just an amazing addition to all of Kristen's alpha men. Why not 5★'s then? I did not like that they kept their relationship a secret, I don't even know how they did that, I didn't like that a month or so went by and I didn't like that this took place at the same time as Shy and Tabby's story Those things were not enough for me not to love this. I have now read some reviews and I completely get where people are coming from, it just didn't matter as much to me, it was still Kristen Ashley brilliance.