Bad Rep (Bad Rep, #1)

Bad Rep (Bad Rep, #1) - A. Meredith Walters I am very confused by this whole book and not sure how to review this or rate it. The only thing about the book that was believable to me was the bullying. Now, I don't know if I believe an entire school would jump on board but I do believe the Greeks would. I find it very hard to believe in the first two weeks after the major incident that the entire school hated Maysie but Jordan didn't know it was happening? Actually, through the entire book, the most popular guy at school was blind to the bullying that was happening. I also don't know where the love came from to lead up to all this. Jordan was in a committed relationship for three years. He never cheated and one look at Maysie changed his whole system of values? Now, Maysie. In the beginning I thought she was tough. I mean she was "dating" a loser so to speak. If we are to believe that all of her actions and insecurities in her life are based on caring so much what other people thought about her why would she even date this guy? She wouldn't have worked in a bar either. One contradiction after another. For someone so insecure it also didn't make sense that she didn't just quit the sorority. It would have taken strength to endure what she went through and I think we were supposed to believe she had it but it wasn't written like she was strong, it was written like she wanted the abuse because of her guilt. Never once was Jordan held accountable for any of his actions. No one even mentioned it honestly. None of this book made sense to me. I didn't hate it I just didn't believe any of it.